Key Principles of a Patient Centered Medical Home

• Access to a “personal physician where each patient has an ongoing relationship with a physician (typically your primary care physician, or PCP) who will provide continuous and comprehensive care.

• Development of a physician-directed medical practice, where your PCP leads a team of individuals at the practice who collectively takes responsibility for your ongoing care.

• Coordinated care across all elements of a patient’s health care system and community, facilitated by many means to help ensure that you get the necessary care when and where you need it.

• Consumer engagement components including: patients actively participating in decision making, physicians partnering with patients and the patient’s family, and patients and families participating in quality improvement activities at the practice level.

• Enhanced access to care is available through systems such as open scheduling, expanded hours and new options for communication between patients, their personal physician, and practice staff.

• We utilize evidence based guidelines in our care team.